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How Many Newborn Baby Clothes Do You Need?

If you've never had a child, you're probably swimming in advice from people left and right.

"I did this, and this, and this." And another friend will say, "No, do this and this and this." And then the internet will tell you something completely different.

So, who should you listen to? Where do you go for advice?

If you're reading this blog, I'd say you don't need to go anywhere. I've got all the information you might need right here. 

Newborn baby clothes are going to quickly be relics in a box somewhere. But this doesn't mean you won't need them once your child tumbles out into this world.

But how many do you need? 

Depending on who you ask, the answer could vary. But today you're going to find out how I approach the baby clothes conundrum. And you'll be pleased to know I've solved the puzzle.

1. Newborn Baby Clothes: Start With The Basics

How do you pack for a trip? 

I typically start with socks and underwear. Never leave home without those, right?

So, we'll start with the basics, the things your baby shouldn't be without and then we'll move onto the more complicated newborn baby clothes.

Seven Onesies 

Even adults wear onesies now. But the onesie was a replacement for swaddling. 

Mothers used to use swaddling because they believed it kept their children's limbs growing straight. 

It wasn't until John Locke began to question this assertion about newborn baby clothes that people began to clothe their babies in less restrictive clothing.

Then came the onesie, or, as some call it, a jumper. 

You'll need one for every day of the week because these are no longer worn as pajamas but as underwear.

Two Hats

While we don't lose most of our heat through our heads like many popularly believe, it's still a good idea to bundle up your child's head.

You baby will be more comfortable and less fussy if their head is warm. This is because our head and face are more sensitive to cold than the rest of our body. So, we feel warmer when we cover these parts of our bodies.

Ten Socks

Ok, 5 pairs of socks. But if you buy all of the same color...

Again, like the face, we like to have our feet warm. And your baby will appreciate warm feet. 

Once your baby starts to learn to walk, you can actually forget the socks unless you're going out. They will learn much faster if they walk around barefoot in the house.

Four Sleepers/Gowns

These gowns aren't like swaddle of old. They aren't meant to be restrictive, but just warm and safe for sleeping. 

They should be light enough to not make your baby too hot. And you don't want it to be too loose. You want the fabric tight enough to stay in one place and not bunch up around your baby's face.

2. Summer Day Newborn Baby Clothes

If your baby is born in the summer, you'll need different clothes than if they were born in colder months.

You'll have to think about shade. Keeping your baby out of the sun is the best way to keep them from getting sunburned. 

A lightweight blanket is a useful tool to keeping your baby safe from the sun and I'll count it as newborn baby clothes here for that reason.

You can always lay it across the carrier when out and about with your baby.

And if you want some extra protection from the sun, there are plenty of sun hats out there to choose from.

You can make your baby look like a little sailor boy or girl.

Four Nice Outfits

You're going to be out and about with baby more often in the summer. Why not give them something special to wear.

You want to pack a second outfit when you go out just in case something happens. 

Remember, the more outfits you have, the less often you have to do laundry. So, really, there is no "too many" when it comes to newborn baby clothes.

Fourteen Bibs

Or 7 if you do laundry more often. But bibs will keep your baby's nice clothes nice during feeding times. 

And you can find some to match the nice outfits you've picked out.

Five Legwarmers

One for each day of the week. These fun newborn baby clothes are great for keeping your baby's legs warm on a breezy day. And they cover up the diaper.

And most of them come in fun or funky patterns. And you can match them to your style.

3. Winter Day Newborn Baby Clothes

In winter buy more newborn baby clothes. You will need them for warmth. And you won't feel like doing laundry as often when the skies are grey and you're already cooped up inside.

Four Pants

For winter you'll want something a bit warmer than leggings.

You should go for fleece when you can. This material is warm and it wicks away sweat. 

Otherwise, if you don't go with fleece, make sure the material is soft and stretchy. You want your baby comfortable in those clothes.

Two Extra Pairs Of Socks

Again, the laundry thing, and you might want to double up on socks.

Two Sweaters

Again, you will want something soft and stretchy for your newborn. You don't want anything constricting because they will then sweat more and become uncomfortable.

A Baby Bunting

Bunting is such a fun and cute word. And babies in buntings are even cuter. Especially when that bunting is in the shape of a bug.

If you don't want to go that cute, you can always buy a winter coat for you little one as well.

Two Slippers 

Since you baby is too little for Uggs just yet, you can buy them a couple pairs of slippers. 

Fleece is always a good choice. And since they probably aren't walking yet, you don't have to worry about waterproof materials.

Conclusion: The More the Merrier

The laundry thing is a big motivator for me when it comes to baby clothes. The more changes of clothes I have for baby, the merrier I'll be.

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